World's Greatest Shave 2012

Hey all.
So, I'm planning on dying my hair for the world's greatest "shave"
Donation page is here, the plan is when you donate you leave a comment there with what colour you think I should dye, and then when the date arrives (15-17th March), most votes wins :)

If you're able to donate it would be much appreciated. Help me look crazy! (for a good cause for once!)

Character Meme Answers

Well, it seems that the last few options from the character meme weren't gettable by people, so I'll post the answers :)

1) Bob from the Dresden Files (bear in mind this is the TV series, not the book character of the same name)
2) Maverick - Guessed
3) Minion from Megamind :)
4) Egwene Al'Vere from Wheel of Time. People guessed "An Aes Sedai" but didn't get the right one.
5) Nakor the Blue Rider from Raymond E Feist's Riftwar series :)
6) Jack O'Neil (Stargate) - Guessed
7) Shinji Ikari (NGE) - Guessed
8) Vaarsuvius (OotS) - Guessed
9) Grunt (Mass Effect 2) - Guessed
10) Magneto (Marvel) - Guessed

Character Meme Round 3

Meme yoinked from Trinityvixen!

I figured it was time for another update on this with a few more hints :)

The way it works is that I pick ten fictional characters, you invent ridiculous scenarios for the characters (e.g. 1 and 3 are trapped in a trash compactor, what happens?). I give the outcome, and you guess who the characters are. Interested?

I'll make a list of guessed characters here:

1) - Is from a TV Series inspired/adapted from a book series, Urban Fantasy Genre
2) Maverick
3) - Is from a recent (last 3 years) animated movie, stand-alone IP (barring the inevitable video game adaptations)
4) - Is from Wheel of Time. Has been guesses as being an Aes Sedai, but exact person is yet to be pinned down
5) - Is also from a fantasy book series. Loooooong running setting with multiple series about multiple characters (with a few common threads)
6) Jack O'Neil (Stargate)
7) Shinji Ikari (NGE)
8) Vaarsuvius (OotS)
9) Grunt (Mass Effect 2)
10) Magneto (Marvel)

There are no repeats; every character is from a different work/fandom. Let's play!

Insomnia Update

Well, I went back to the Doctors yesterday and got a script for Melatonin.
Tried it last night. Mixed results. In around an hour (normal working time) I was starting to feel really tired, and when I went to bed I was straight into that extremely tired, relaxed state (although somewhat more twitchy than usual).
I remained in this state for just over three hours before finally getting to sleep.

Fingers crossed it works better tonight as my body adjusts to it.

(no subject)

Dear god... Japan... holy FUCK.
Seriously, watching some of the stuff happening over there is enough to make you believe the end of the world really is coming.

Monster Hunter Tri

I dusted this one off to play while waiting for Dragon Age 2 to arrive.

I was only on Rank 3 missions, and beat up the Royal Ludroth earlier (pretty easy that one).
Then I got the Barroth.
Ho-ly Fuck

Seriously, WTF? Pretty much every strike bounces unless you hit the legs, and the damned thing has a bajillion hitpoints.
On my best effort I busted the thing's crest, drove it off limping, attacked it while it was down, and in the end lost my last 'life' (after chugging 20 mega health potions) with eight minutes left on the clock and no kill in sight.

Plan: Go into online mode and see if I can scam a weapon a few tiers above my current one so that I can slice the thing to pieces.

I have the smart!

Just got back from Grocery Shopping
While I was there, I saw crumpets, and went "Hey! I haven't had crumpets in *ages*, I should get some, toasted crumpets will make a nice change from cereal for breakfast"

When I got home, it hit me. I don't own a toaster